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UPBF Paintball World Championships 2019

The South African National Paintball Association (SANPA) will be sending their SA national representative teams to Amsterdam in the coming week for the United Paintball Federation (UPBF) Paintball World Championships.

Over the weekend of 26-29 September we will have national representative teams from South Africa in the Women’s 5-player, Women’s 3-player, U16, U19 and Veterans categories. This will be the first year we will have a Women’s 5-player, U16 and Veterans team represented at the UPBF Paintball World Championships.

The UPBF Paintball World Championships 2019 is also the largest event to date with 56 national teams represented from 26 countries from around the world competing in the above mentioned categories (Veterans, U19, U16, Women’s 5-player, Women’s 3-player). We are very proud of the fact that we could send a national representative team for each category.

Our Womens 3-player team also won the UPBF Womens 3-player Paintball World Championships in 2018 and will be back this year to defend their title.

A group of over 40 people which includes players, spectators and staff will be departing from South Africa on 22 September as they make their way to Amsterdam to represent South Africa in the UPBF Paintball World Championship that will take place in conjunction with the NXL Europe Open.

This year July the SANPA National Men’s team competed in the UPBF Men’s Paintball World Championship in Prague where they finished 9th out of 17 countries competing with Russia as the champions of the event.

We would also like to congratulate Paul Grobler, the current chairman of SANPA, who was voted in as the General Secretary of the United Paintball Federation (UPBF) for the next four years and who played a big role in the organizing of the UPBF Paintball World Championships events during 2019.

We are wishing all our SA teams and staff the best as they prepare for the largest paintball battle of the year.



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