SANPA U19 Team ready for Paintball World Cup 2017

Our South African National Paintball Association (SANPA) National U19 team is in the final stages of preparing for the U19 Paintball World Cup that will take place in Chantilly, Paris from 15-17 September.

Please support these guys as they give their best to make us proud while representing our sport and our country at the World Cup.

John-Henri Jansen van Rensburg – Captain (Brutal Affliction)
Jonty Rufus (Team All Stars (Paintball))
Daryn Steytler (Working Class Heroes)
Ross Cuyler (DYEnosaurs / Critical)
Calvin Sides (Working Class Heroes / Critical)
Philip Nel (PBOD / SIN Paintball)
Duan Broodryk (Brutal Affliction)
Matthew van Blerk (Team Dynamix)

Eugene Jansen van Rensburg – Coach

The team is in the very capable hands of Coach Eugene Jansen van Rensburg that did a superb job the past two years with the U19 team and we are looking forward to seeing them in action on the field.

The majority of the team will be departing on Tuesday 12 Sep and will return the following Tuesday 19 Sep from both Johannesburg and Cape Town.

A Big Thank you again to GI Sportz Paintball / Blades and Triggers supporting our National U19 team with the best international competition paint that the team can perform at their best.


Paintball World Cup 2017 Men’s

The much-anticipated Paintball World Cup Men’s for 2017 is taking place from 30 Jun – 2 Jul in London-Gatwick, UK at the South of England Event Centre just outside Gatwick. The event co-insides with the Millennium Series Campaign Cup.

Our national representative men’s team will be departing from Cape Town and Johannesburg on 28 June and will return on Tuesday 4 July.

Earlier this year we hosted our SANPA Provincial Try-outs. At the try-outs the various provincial selection committees put together the best provincial teams from those attending.  After our provincial cup that took place in March this year the selection-committee then puts together our national squad from the various provincial players that would represent us at the Paintball World Cup.

The men’s team for 2017 is:

  • Johan Smit (GP) (Captain)
  • Ricardo Ribeiro (GP)
  • Robert Walmsley (EC)
  • Darryn Peplar (GP)
  • Ashley Bolton (GP)
  • Jason Blignaut (EC)
  • Daniel Zinner (WC)
  • Gerard Basson (GP) (Team Manager)
  • Bruce Maxwell (Coach)

An estimated 23 countries will be represented in this year’s World Cup and after a solid performance from our U19 team last year in their division we are expecting some exciting games from our men’s team as well this year.  The competition will be fierce, but we are ready to take on the world. Looking at previous years the strongest competitors will be USA, Russia, France and Great Britain.

Current Teams Competing in the Paintball World Cup Mens:

All the games on the main field at the event is broadcasted live via the FaceFull Paintball Facebook Page –

Team practice photos –

Photo credit: Edward Grant Ruven / YTT Photography


2017 National Representative Teams

After the first Provincial Cup for 2017 we would like to announce the Men’s as well as U19 National representative Paintball teams.
This year the Men’s team consists out of upcoming players that have proved to us that they have what it takes to help grow the sport. Thank you to the provincial co-ordinators, managers and coaches assisting us in finalizing the teams.
Mens Team:
Johan Smit (GP)
Adam Stevenson (WC)
Bobby Walmsley (EC)
Brian Errol Dolphin (EC)
Jason Kelly Blignaut (EC)
Ricardo Ribeiro (GP)
Jason Joffin (WC)
Daniel Zinner (WC)
Dean Strydom (EC)
Darryn Peplar (GP)
Ashley Glen Bolton (GP)
Mark G Gerber (GP)
National Mens Team Manager: Gerard Basson
National Mens Team Coach: TBC
Total remaining cost to send the Men’s team over for 2017 to the Paintball World Cup in London from 30 June – 2 July is estimated at around R300,000.
U19 Team:
John-Henri Jansen van Rensburg(GP)
Duncan Perold (GP)
Jonty Rufus (GP)
Ross Cuyler (WC)
Tristan Van der Merwe (GP)
Matthew van Blerk (GP)
Daryn Steytler (WC)
Calvin Sides (WC)
Duan Broodryk (GP)
National U19 Team Coach: Eugene Jansen van Rensburg
National Team Organiser: Paul Grobler
Total remaining cost to send the U19 team over for 2017 to the Paintball World Cup in Paris from 15-17 September is estimated at around R165,000.
To be considered for the national representative team the following criteria applies:
1. You need to actively compete in 5-man speedball in South Africa at SANPA approved tournaments.
2. You need to be a SA citizen or stay in South Africa on a valid permit (other than a holiday visa).
3. You need to be selected for a provincial team
4. You need to show dedication and commitment to improve yourself and help to grow the sport and be a team player that can work with others.
5. You need be an ambassador for our country in this sport and what we stand for.
We would like to thank GI Sportz Paintball / Blades and Triggers coming on board as the Official Paintball Sponsor for both National representative Paintball teams during 2017 and helping these players to give their best at the Paintball World Cup.
If you or your business would like to support our two national teams, please make sure to contact Paul Grobler (paul (at) to see how you or your business can get involved in helping these teams bring back the Paintball World Cup to South Africa
Wishing all these players the best in preparing for the Paintball World Cup.
Look out for more updates regarding our national teams over the next few weeks.

Mobile Paintball Compressor Solution

Coltri Compressors South Africa put together a great package that will work for most smaller paintball venues as well as mobile paintball events.

The package includes the following:

  • Portable Coltri Compressor (MCH-6) – Petrol (100lt/min) or Single phase (80lt/min) -Auto Drain
  • 2x 15l Faber Steel Scuba Cylinders (3000 psi)
  • All piping
  • Paintball Fill connector
  • Compressor Operator Certification (2 day course – Manpower approved)

Price: R63,250 (all inclusive)

If you are looking for a cost effective solution for your field/event and for great service contact Steve Moller from Coltri South Africa on 082 449 3576

SANPA GP Provincial Try-Outs

If you would like to represent the Gauteng Province in the SANPA Provincial Cup, then make sure you join us for the SANPA Gauteng Provincial Try-outs.
More Information:
When: Sat 18 Feb 2017
Where: Paintball City
Time: 09:00am
Cost: R200 per player
You will require roughly 1 box of paintballs for the try-outs.
Try-outs will consist out of individual skill assessments as well as games played against/with current provincial players to find the best suited players for the 2017 provincial team.
Gauteng Selection Committee:
1. Christopher Birch
2. Bruce Maxwell
3. Christopher England
4. Eugene Jansen van Rensburg (U19 Provincial/National Coach)
5. Gerard Basson
U19 Criteria:
Date of birth on ID must be during or after 1998
Must reside in Gauteng
Must be a SA Citizen or hold permanent residency
Must actively compete in the Sarpl (South African Regional Paintball League) with a club team
Men’s Criteria:
Must reside in Gauteng
Must be a SA Citizen or hold permanent residency
Gender: Male
Must actively compete in the Sarpl (South African Regional Paintball League) with a club team
Players selected for the Gauteng provincial team will compete in the two Provincial Cup events against other provinces during the year in the Western Cape and Gauteng.
Players will also stand a chance to be selected for the National team that will compete in the Paintball World Cup
Men’s Paintball World Cup 30 Jun – 2 Jul 2017
U19 Paintball World Cup, Chantilly, Paris from 15-17 Sep 
Image may contain: text
Selected players will each receive a SANPA Provincial Certificate that can be handed in at their school/university to receive the relevant badges/colors and support.

SANPA Corporate Paintball Charity Challenge

The South African National Paintball Association (SANPA) is excited to announce the first Corporate Paintball Charity Challenge in collaboration with the SARPL (South African Regional Paintball League).

We are inviting companies to experience tournament paintball with prize money that will be donated to the winning company’s charity of their choice. R5,000 for each five (5) teams that have entered will be allocated towards this initiative. This means that the more teams that enter, the greater the donation will be towards creating change for the charity of your choice. 

Register your company to compete in the Corporate Paintball Charity Challenge and experience tournament paintball against other companies to see which company will reign supreme at this year’s Cape Argus Sportshow on Friday 24 March 2017.

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Welcome to the South African Magfed Federation (SAMF)

The South African National Paintball Association (SANPA) would like to welcome the South African Magfed Federation (SAMF) as a provisional affiliated association under SANPA to grow the sport of paintball in South Africa, specifically looking after the magfed players and creating various events and opportunities for them in a safe environment.

SAMF started with 6 military simulation paintball players from across Southern Africa, together they formed with one goal in mind – to achieve, regional, provincial and international cups for amateur MILSIM teams in South Africa, run by SAMF. Challenging teams who want realistic scenarios, improve their skills in military tactics gameplay, which will test the different team’s skill in the art of organizing a military simulation team, and techniques for combining and using MILSIM markers.

SANPA wishes the SAMF all the best with their endevours to help grow paintball in SA working together for paintball players around SA.

For more information on the SAMF please visit the SAMF facebook page



SANPA U19 – Paintball World Cup 2016 (Day 2)


Day 2 of the U19 Paintball World Cup saw the SANPA U19 team taking on Great Britain in the semi-finals in Chantilly, Paris with a massive amount of support from South Africa watching the live webcast as well as support via social media during the day.

The team looked strong and took the first point against Great Britain, but a very strong and determined Britain took the second point tying up the game.  Both teams played extremely well and games went to two points each with only 15 seconds left on the clock.  With no points scored in the final 15 seconds of regulation time, the team had to get ready for their sudden death over-time game.

South Africa had the lead and dominated on the field as we entered the last minute of the game.  Unfortunately our last player did not see the penalty on Great Britain and missed the opportunity  to touch the buzzer before the time ran out.

Due to the tied game and looking at the current regulations/rules which states that in case of a tie-breaker after overtime a winner is decided according to their seeded position at the start of the tournament.  With Great Britain being seeded higher than South Africa it unfortunately meant we lost the round and will have to play Norway for 3rd.  This was a huge setback for the team after being undefeated in the prelims yesterday against Germany, France and Russia.  This was also the first time in the event history that a game ended in a tie game after overtime, and after what happened today they will definitely go back to discuss how this rule must be changed for future events to make sure it is more fair towards the teams competing.

With this major setback hanging over the team and their heads not in the game it was Norway who dominated the field and won 4:0 against SA during the finals placing us 4th overall in the U19 Paintball World Cup for 2016.

The event taught the players many valuable lessons that they will definitely never forget, and Coach Eugene Jansen van Rensburg did an absolutely superb job in leading the team and we are looking forward to seeing more from our SANPA U19 team at the next U19 Paintball World Cup.

This was the first time we send a U19 team to compete in the Paintball World Cup and we are extremely happy with what we achieved.


SANPA U19 team dominate U19 Paintball World Cup

A good day was had by the SANPA (South African National Paintball Association) U19 team today in Chantilly, France.

South Africa romped home by winning all 3 their prelim games.

SA demolished Germany 4:2, went on to convincingly beat France 2:1, and then slaughtered Russia 4:0.

The team will thus be playing in the semi-finals tomorrow against Great Britain, and then, depending on the results of the other countries, either France or Norway in the finals.

SANPA, doing South Africa proud!


U19 Paintbll World Cup Paris

Team players are:

  • Adam Stevenson (captain) – Western Cape
  • John-Henri Jansen van Rensburg – Gauteng
  • Daryn Steytler – Western Cape
  • Ross Cuyler – Western Cape
  • Jason Joffin – Western Cape
  • Duncan Perold – Gauteng
  • Tristan vd Merwe – Gauteng
  • Matthew van Blerk – Gauteng
  • Dean Strydom – Eastern Cape
  • Eugene Jansen van Rensburg – Coach
  • SAu19

    SANPA U19 National Paintball team

Play-offs will be streamed on on 17 Sep from 4pm