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Competitive Paintball

Competitive Paintball

SANPA approved national leagues in South Africa

  1. SARPL (South African Regional Paintball League) – speedball
  2. NSUPL (National School and University Paintball League)  – speedball
  3. GWPL (Guerrilla War Paintball League) – bushball / military style

SANPA recommends the use of APPA (American Paintball Players Association) for player classification and speedball event management.

Register as a player

The APPA website keeps a full history of all official events played, you can update your personal profile and keep track of all your paintball events and current classification.

South African National Leagues that currently use the APPA system:

  1. SARPL (South African Regional Paintball League)
  2. NSUPL (National School and University Paintball League)


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