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Why become a SANPA member?

Simply by becoming a SANPA member you are supporting the sport of paintball and airsoft.

SANPA relies on support from venues and player members and ensures that a certain standard of practice is set within the industry. If a situation were to arise which could jeopardize our sport SANPA exists to defend the sport, and liaise with government officials.

Sport Recognition

SANPA is consistently working with the Department of Sport & Recreation to make sure both Paintball and Airsoft will remain recognized as a sport code. SANPA will keep on doing research and work with various associations and stakeholders to grow the industry.

Player Membership

The annual player membership includes access to the SANPA members area, a regular Newsletter which includes information on SANPA affiliated events calendar, special discounts available to SANPA members, and any other relevant news.

Plus the warm fuzzy feeling you will get knowing you are supporting the organisation that’s supporting your sport.

Annual Player Fee: R50 (waived for 2020 due to COVID-19)

Players must belong to a SANPA registered club, but can select to be assigned to the national paintball or airsoft club if no club is indicated

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Venue/Site Membership

Venue memberships are Annual memberships.

Annual Venue Fee: R500 (waived for 2020 due to COVID-19)

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There are 3 types of membership available

  • Basic
  • Accredited
  • Accredited Plus

Basic membership requires venues to submit their Public Liability Insurance, and details of facilities i.e. Toilet facilities, parking, catering, other activities etc.

Accredited membership involves enhanced paperwork submission. Accredited status is retained for 3 years assuming the basic membership is maintained

Accredited Plus involves enhanced paperwork submission and a site visit from an appointed SANPA OHSA representative. Accredited Plus status is retained for 3 years assuming the basic membership is maintained

  • First Aid management
  • Staff training and records
  • Venue practices i.e.; Chronographing Paintball markers/Airsoft
  • Data Protection
  • Venue Risk Assessments
  • Safe Co2 and HPA management
  • We have an active number of Compliance Officers within SANPA, who we liaise with to ensure that “best practices” are maintained within the Paintball/Airsoft industry in line with National and International Standards.

Club Membership

Clubs that join SANPA shows their members that they are committed to safety by supporting SANPA approved venues and SANPA Protocols/Standards.

Annual Fee: R100 (waived for 2020 due to COVID-19)

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Organizer Membership

Organizers joining SANPA shows their commitment to hosting safe events that are in line with SANPA Protocols/Standards and complying with the Sports Events Act making sure that the organizer, venue and players are safe and protected to the best of their ability.

Annual Fee: R100 (waived for 2020 due to COVID-19)

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