SANPA U19 – Paintball World Cup 2016 (Day 2)


Day 2 of the U19 Paintball World Cup saw the SANPA U19 team taking on Great Britain in the semi-finals in Chantilly, Paris with a massive amount of support from South Africa watching the live webcast as well as support via social media during the day.

The team looked strong and took the first point against Great Britain, but a very strong and determined Britain took the second point tying up the game.  Both teams played extremely well and games went to two points each with only 15 seconds left on the clock.  With no points scored in the final 15 seconds of regulation time, the team had to get ready for their sudden death over-time game.

South Africa had the lead and dominated on the field as we entered the last minute of the game.  Unfortunately our last player did not see the penalty on Great Britain and missed the opportunity  to touch the buzzer before the time ran out.

Due to the tied game and looking at the current regulations/rules which states that in case of a tie-breaker after overtime a winner is decided according to their seeded position at the start of the tournament.  With Great Britain being seeded higher than South Africa it unfortunately meant we lost the round and will have to play Norway for 3rd.  This was a huge setback for the team after being undefeated in the prelims yesterday against Germany, France and Russia.  This was also the first time in the event history that a game ended in a tie game after overtime, and after what happened today they will definitely go back to discuss how this rule must be changed for future events to make sure it is more fair towards the teams competing.

With this major setback hanging over the team and their heads not in the game it was Norway who dominated the field and won 4:0 against SA during the finals placing us 4th overall in the U19 Paintball World Cup for 2016.

The event taught the players many valuable lessons that they will definitely never forget, and Coach Eugene Jansen van Rensburg did an absolutely superb job in leading the team and we are looking forward to seeing more from our SANPA U19 team at the next U19 Paintball World Cup.

This was the first time we send a U19 team to compete in the Paintball World Cup and we are extremely happy with what we achieved.