SA National Paintball Team

We will announce more information soon regarding our selection process for the 2015 SA representative paintball team.


2013 will see the first truly national paintball team consisting of various players from top club teams in South Africa under the umbrella of the South African National Paintball Association (SANPA) and the African Paintball Federation (AFPBF) to compete in the first Paintball World Cup hosted in Paris, Chantilly and organized by the United Paintball Federation (UPBF) from 13-15 Sep 2013.

Live Webcast – SA playing Germany around 1:30:00 into the webcast

Facebook Photos courtesy RSH Media

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The confirmed players on the 2013 National Team Roster is:

  1. George Hunter (Team Reaper)
  2. Stefan Smuts (Team Dynamix)
  3. Jacques Klopper (Team Reaper)
  4. Mark Gilbert (Team Reaper)
  5. Tristan Birch (Team Reaper)
  6. Craig Martin (Team Free Runners)
  7. Jonty Rufus (Team Demon Crushers)
  8. Morgan Rhind (Team Free Runners)

The team will start practicing this weekend until their departure on 10 Sep 2013. They will return again on 16 Sep 2013.