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First SA National Womens Paintball Team

The first SA National Womens Paintball Team will be competing in the Womens Paintball World Championship in Prague from 25-27 May 2018.

This will be the first time in SA history to send a Womens Paintball team to compete on this international level.

Make sure to follow their journey and experience via our social media channels and also the live webcast that GoSportz will broadcast during the event.

The team consist out of:

  1. Cindy Tromp (Team Hooligan)
  2. Christine White (Vixens)
  3. Kerry Houghton (Team Hooligan)

A big thank you to Blades and Triggers / GI Sportz as the official national paintball sponsors for all the national teams competing this year. Your contribution and support help our teams to compete at the highest level possible.



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