About Us

South African National Paintball Association

To grow and promote the sport of paintball, paintball teams and players locally on a world class level, professional standard and to help the paintball community into growing to its full potential.


  • —Promoting the sport of SA paintball on a national and international level giving exposure primarily to its associated members/sponsors
  • —Assisting the players, clubs, fields and leagues on a national level
  • —Promoting Paintball as a safe/drug free sport
  • —Assisting new players to get involved and retaining existing players
  • —Interaction with importers, distributors and dealers both locally and internationally
  • —Building a National Team Name / Member Database
  • —National player classification system (APPA model)
  • —Affiliating and working nationally and internationally with like-minded associations/federations/businesses to grow the sport
  • —Dealing with morals, values and integrity in what we do

Contact Information
South African National Paintball Association
PO Box 1002

7 Henry Road
Northvale AH
Gauteng, South Africa

Tel:  +27 83 449 9819
Fax: +27 86 678 2310