Teams and players can now order their custom made jerseys.

The new pro jersey orders will be managed via SANPA Design.

The templates for paintball jerseys are in line with the SARPL/PSP standards. SARPL teams will receive a discount on these prices when ordering via SANPA Designs.

Semi-Pro Jerseys: R800 per jersey (no padding)
Pro Jerseys: R950 per jersey (padding included)
Ultra Pro Jerseys: R1200 per jersey (padding included)

Anthrax Paintball

Custom Jerseys can be designed for a team at a cost dependent on the requirements of the team by paintball designers locally and internationally.  These designers already have to correct templates and work closely with SANPA Design and the printing house.

If own prefer to do your own jersey design it must be done in the correct format for it to be accepted. Please request the PDF Template and requirements should you prefer to do your own jersey.

Jerseys will be ready for collection within 12 working days after sign off and payment received.


  1. Request a order form from
  2. Indicate whether you will design your own jersey or if a custom jersey must be designed.  If own design the necessary template will be provided.  If custom jersey will be designed we will put you in contact with your designer to start the process.
  3. Send your order form to for processing. Custom designs will be send directly to the printing company via the designer. Own designs must be shared via Dropbox for processing.
  4. Full payment will be due to process the order
  5. Jerseys will be send via international courier which will  be for the clients account and included in the initial invoice – cost range from around R150-R200 per jersey. Usually delivery takes place within 3-4 days from shipping.

To place your order or for more information feel free to contact Paul Grobler –