Team Dynamix to compete in Naza World Cup Asia 2013

We are excited to announce that Team Dynamix will compete in Division 1 in the final leg of the PALS event at Naza World Cup Asia Paintball with supporting players from Reaper and Xplicit assisting the team. The team will also represent South Africa in the Intercontinental Cup at the event.

Rostered Players:

  1. Philip Uys
  2. Craig Marley
  3. George Hunter
  4. Jacques Klopper
  5. Stefan Smuts
  6. Yashin Naran
  7. Thabo Rhapiri
  8. Vivian Riley
  9. Shaun Leighton

For more information on Naza World Cup Asia Paintball visit their facebook page and their website.

We wish the team all the best and looking forward to the feedback and updates during the event.